28 October 2005


with this post, i launch into the cosmic ether with my self, my art, and my thoughts on anything anyone wants (or doesn't want) to hear...how scary. i shall hurl my musings at the world and hope that they hold out their hands to catch it all with tenderness and care.

there will be more coming shortly, but now i must go and get the classroom ready for my kiddos coming soon (i teach art to grades 2, 3, and 5). i am profoundly and quite unbelievably blessed.

i am listening to david gray's newest "life in slow motion" and it's pretty stunning.

"the sun above the cotton grass
is sinking down like lead
the seagulls know the truth of it
and scream it overhead"

...speaking of cotton...yesterday on my drive to athens, alabama, i had the pleasure of seeing a truckload of freshly-picked cotton -- i did a double take as little wisps of it were picked up by the wind and blown towards the windshield like snow. dreamy.