05 December 2005


it is bitterly cold in nashville. the sky is dull grey and looks quite beautiful to me. yesterday my housemate and i went christmas tree shopping and froze our knees off. we went to a particularly festive and privately run tree lot. one with a resident dog, a blazing fire, and lots of white-bearded men. we were in search of a tree we could love and dote upon, one that needed our help, one that screamed "charlie brown." the fellow told us that would run us about $40. okay folks, can i get a unanimous "WHAAAAT?" he said he didn't know where we were going to find anything like that for under $40. we determinedly took our freezing knees and got in the truck bound for good old home depot. we found our little blue spruce baby, batted our eyelashes, made the guy laugh, and he gave us $10 off. bingo. $25 christmas tree: done. the holidays are upon us. yeehaw.

as it reads below..."greetings friends! just a friendly notice that i have some new work available for viewing and purchase in a multi-artisan showing...

the art and invention gallery/garage mahal in east nashville
1106 woodland street 226.2070
december 3 - december 24
mon-sat: 10-6 sun: 12-5
unique, artful gifts and just all-around proper holiday cheer for all..."

the featured art, "a winter evening," is now part of the private collection of a mr. taylor bruce: my muse, my trusted confidant...my enthusiast. below is a photo of my "rep" and i at my first showing in birmingham...

the past few months of creating, steadily working toward three different shows, have been most energizing and inspiring. it is a shame that it takes a swift kick in the pants from an admirer of my work to get me in gear, but it is the way i am wired. as a full-time art teacher, i find the evening is the only time available to me, so i do my best to use it wisely. my best is rarely good enough.

following are some more images of recent work (all sold)...

"dwelling place"

"beautiful light"

"be happy now"

"green rolling prairie"