04 January 2007


When asked if he wanted it shaken or stirred, this time he muttered "Oh I don't give a damn." Ladies and gentlemen, Bond is back. What a fine, fine resurrection of a film persona who was spiraling quickly down the drain of washed up heroes.

When he turned and aimed his gun at the camera amidst the psychedelic, swirling rainbow of credits that flashed cleverly across the screen: chills. The only trouble was Chris Cornell from Soundgarden singing this new movie's theme. Too soft, too scratchy, not nearly enough edgy, brassy oomph like that of Shirley Bassey or even Paul McCartney. That just might be my only negative critique. The rest, dare I say, was flawless.

Daniel Craig is typically rugged and handsome, and with such a well-fitting wardrobe, although I just don't believe his eyes can naturally be that blue. And he just looks like he smells good -- like expensive soap. (A man should smell like two things in my opinion: soap is one, sawdust is the other. Not necessarily the two at once, but I think I'm making myself clear.)

The Bond Girl wasn't nearly as pretty as one would assume she'd be, this is partially due to the glaring excess of blackish eye shadow that obscures her delicate eyes almost throughout the entire film. Ew. Her accent was also irritatingly evasive.

The villainous Le Chiffre was perfect in his sinister manner and had such a quintessentially classic signature of evil: he bled tears from his one blue eye (the other is brown). And then for added drama (and a brush of humor) he also has an asthma inhaler. Nice touch.

I had a hard time talking myself into going to sleep after this cinematic event. Perhaps it's the memories of snuggling under blanket tents with my sister and our 007-wise boy cousins (with their extensive knowledge of exactly what was about to happen) when the Roger Moore versions came on television that make Bond so appealing...a strange connection, I realize. It's all very sentimental. And this time made all the more so as here we sat, 20 years later, watching it together again, chuckling giddily as the infamous theme played. (sniff, sniff) How can a song with so few notes reach into your chest, grab your heart and stab adrenaline into it? YOWZA!

Evie gives "Casino Royale" two enthusiastic, glowing thumbs up.