22 February 2008


Here's a thought for all of you fair members of the human race, and you can tell me if I'm off my rocker or if I'm still squarely on it. Here it is: What if honesty isn't the best policy? What if it's absolutely the stinkiest?

When do we tell the whole truth, and when do we decide to keep it to ourselves altogether as a smart measure of self preservation? Or more importantly, to guard the hearts of those we love? I'm sure we've all been in those situations where it's a whole lot easier and much less painful to hide the real truth away, or to only share part of it. I'm not saying we should all make a practice of lying when it's most convenient for us, not by a long shot. What I am saying is that I can recall many instances in which I've felt so deeply compelled to express the truth and it just got me injured or in trouble, or both. (The very worst is when I've actually penned all of my honesty on real paper and handed it over, but it's just how I process best. It makes me wince to think of how many careless people have my handwritten honesties. Ouch.) Thanks a lot, Abe.

Offering the purest honesty I am capable of has always been my modus operandi, and I fear I've said too much on too many occasions. It's not that I go around telling people that their sweaters are ugly when they very plainly are -- no, those things I am perfectly able to keep to myself. But in the places where I feel safe doing so, however momentary that safety may be, I toss all of my feelings and ideas out there because I believe, surely, the truest truth of the matters will win out in the end. Honesty will "top the pile," as it were. Honesty is an absolute; it's a bright blue line painted on the pavement that we can follow when all else fails. But where does the line take us? It's not often a comfortable road, but I think I already know the answer to my own query.

I guess that with this rubbley, messy mountain words, I mean to say that I am just not the most mysterious girl. Ask me a pointed, honest question and you'll get an honest answer....unless it's about your sweater, in which case I will smile and tell you that it's lovely, but that I can't talk any more because I have to go find a Bible verse on honesty.