02 February 2008


The title page in my brand new, super-chunky sketchbook.
Click on it if you want to see it more up-close-like than you think.

Current soundtrack(s): Thad Cockrell's newest record, To Be Loved, weirdly contrasted against Strangeways, Here We Come by The Smiths
Current beverage: Petalos Bierzo, a red varietal from Spain
Current snack: sugar snap peas, fresh, raw and crunchy
Current flowers: yellowish-white roses and vermillion colored tiny tulips
Current reads: Buffalo Girls by Larry McMurtry and Good Poems, compiled by Garrison Keillor
Current candle scent: Snow Pine
Current pet peeve: dishonest people and the dust bunnies which seem to exist quite comfortably underneath my living room chairs, regardless of my tireless sweeping
Current state of mind: a strange mix of productive and tranquil