28 July 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Billy Blue, the newest resident at The Hill. Mom got a new kitty-cat -- a Russian Blue mix as far as we know -- who has melted into the family as easy as pie. She's been waiting for the right one to come along since back in March when we lost sweet Belle after 12 years of lovin.' Billy was found about four months ago on Music Row, was taken to Happy Tales in Franklin and a week later, we were the first fortunate enough to handle him and then bring him home! He purrs like a champion, nose-butts with the best of them, likes a good romp with a toy now and then and sleeps long hours on any bed low enough for him to access (he's still a little bit of a runt). Billy Blue. Mister Billy. Billie Jean. Billy Boy. Billy the Kitty. Lavender Blue Billy Billy. However you choose to address him, he's perfect and adorable.