28 August 2009


Upon a friend's inquiry in a letter which read "tell me more about your life," this is what I wrote.

teach teach teach.
dream about other lives i might get to live.
teach some more.
dream about being loved by just one good man some day.
think a little too much.
put in a load of laundry.
enjoy a really good meal with friends and/or family and remember how truly good life is.
focus on positives.
teach again.
dream again.
braise a pork shoulder.
stare at my airstream.
hug a kid, wink at a boy, pet a cat.
teach teach teach.
fold laundry, only sometimes.
fight the bastardly monster of loneliness.
think about relocating.
focus on negatives.
drink bourbon, smoke a cigar.
listen to droopy, sad steel guitar.
cry a little.
teach again, but this time with an accompanying headache and a real sense of defeat.
talk to mom on the phone.
feel better, even laugh a little.
go for a slogging run.
get a funny text from dad or sister, laugh a lot.
teach teach teach.
mow the lawn.
have a beer.
look at my pretty toes.
focus on positives again.
remember to smile.
draw a funny little oogly-eyed bird in my sketchbook.
dream again, this time about birds and windmills.
pray for strength and grace.
sleep in.
drink coffee.
sit on back yard swing.
feel a breeze lift the hair from my neck.
offer thanks.

rinse and repeat.