17 November 2009


Just in case you're ready to usher in the yuletide season with style and cheer, here's a new Christmas album by a tall boy I know, David Dewese. I think the artist being all tied up in a big red bow on the cover ought to be plenty of incentive to purchase, but better yet are the songs all nicely packaged on the inside. Word on the street is that the boss of this blog sang BGVs (not to be confused with BVDs) on track 2, a reworked, lullaby-ish version of the German traditional "Still, Still, Still." In the title track "Next Christmas", David utilizes the American lexicon quite masterfully with lines such as "like a slow train stuck in molasses." And his echo-y, sadly sweet, lovely cover of "Auld Lang Syne" will make you sigh and forget that you have no idea what those words actually mean.

Friends and elves, far and near, check it out.

Also, wouldn't it be so hilarious if I gave framed prints of my school portrait to all of my friends for Christmas? There are even black and white or sepia options! I just got this proof sheet in my mailbox in the teacher's lounge and it struck me as really funny.

Yep, this is my life. It's right grand.