19 January 2010


"You have a sister?" Yes, folks. I have a sister. I know you didn't know I had a sister but I do. Frankly, it's hurtful that you didn't pick up on that because she's quite a big part of this little sister's life. And her name is Angela. And she's three years my senior. And she's talented. And pretty. And hopelessly cool.

And we've made a pact.

This year, my sister Angela Noel resolved that she was going to post some sort of writing to her blog each and every day. I, true to little-sister fashion, am riding her coattails and have decided that we should embark on this journey together. It's easier with a partner. At least we know one other person is reading what we take the time to write down. You know, though, that we'll be dragging you along with us, dear reader. I feel compelled to inform you about what these writings may, and most likely will, look like. A day's post could hold our aimless musings on any of the following:
- childhood memories
- our favored soap scents
- how we like our martinis
- a really good stew recipe we think you'd benefit from
- daily rants
- how the air affects our mood
- movie reviews
- single sentences expressing a month's-worth of frustration
- song lyrics we love
- dreams we remember
- traverses
- people we love (we'll be really discreet about the ones we don't love so much)
- a photo we feel inclined to share
- biographies of friends and/or family
- restaurant reviews
- loves found and loves lost
- pet shenanigans
- our favorite articles of clothing

Angela and I each have a deep love for stringing words together and, between the two of us, have plenty of stories to tell. Please leave comments if you're so inclined -- it's a shot in the arm, a cheap thrill, for us writers. If you feel up to the task of reading along for a year's time, bookmark us. Stand amazed.

(If I didn't make it obvious/easy enough, here's Angela's blog.)