06 February 2010


I see commercials like this and am instantly transported to McDonald's, circa 1981. I remember fondly the starry buzz that surrounded "The Great Muppet Caper" when it arrived in movie theatres. Angela did (and still does) a spot-on impersonation of Miss Piggy and even had the commemorative watch with the purple striped strap. I was more along the lines of Gonzo or Animal, but that's another story for another time. This Christmas, Angela and Joshua completed my joy by completing my set of four "Muppet Caper" glasses, which I had begun re-collecting at the flea market and one of which had gotten broken. My personal glass of choice is the one with Kermit on the bicycle. Or wait, is it the one with all of the muppets crammed into the double decker bus....well, it could be Piggy crashing through the stained glass window on her motorbike.....I can't decide. I just love them all, really.