16 February 2010


Listening to:

Moby's 2000 release, Play. The unlikely, trance-y mix of electronic maneuvering and sampling of old records is suiting me quite fine this morning. "Run On" is today's favorite (actually, it's every day's favorite).


I wear it every day so it's not just on this Tuesday, but I just scrubbed it with a toothbrush and some Dial soap, so it's especially sparkly this morning. A few years ago, when Macy's was having a big jewelry counter sale, I went with mom to look at an anniversary ring (which she was buying for herself). As our eyes were skimming the possibilities, this bauble, with its gently green tone and so many twinkly facets, sang to me from within its glass cage. I didn't think it was my day to buy myself a jewel, and I wouldn't have bought it if not for mom's encouragement and that of the salesperson -- her name was Baby. Yes, Baby. A teeny little Filipino lady (if I were to guess) who had fire and humor in her veins. I loved Baby, I loved the ring, mom gave her hearty consent and all but forced me to buy it, what was there to fear? Especially since the ring was basically 85% off. Yep. I had just turned thirty and I figured, Hey, I'm thirty. No one else has bothered to buy me a ring, so it's high time I take matters into (or onto) my own hands. Women of the world, raise your right hand. I know its not a diamond (it's a sage amethyst), but there are tiny little diamonds in the design. I think it counts.

Thankful for:
A body that functions. This morning I awoke in an odd configuration -- one in which I don't usually find myself -- and my left arm was as dead as if it never did exist. I could feel it with my "alive" arm, but I couldn't feel it. It was a terrifying way to greet the day. I lay there, my heart pounding, urgently mouthing to my little dead appendage "wake up wake up wake up wake up...." I grabbed the rubbery, sincerely dead weight and shook it violently. Finally that cool, tingly sensation spread from my fingertips to my shoulder. I was saved! So I am grateful, on this Tuesday, for arms and legs that work well. An easy thing to overlook, but vitally important.

Looking at:

Fluttering snowflakes. As ready as I am for some warmth and sunshine, there's something hypnotic about snow, and when I see it dance in the air's currents, my annoyance with the cold dissipates. But seriously, bring on Spring. I'm more than ready.