23 February 2010



Good ol' Yogi DeTox. It's my immediate go-to after a couple cups of coffee. It "promotes healthy liver and kidney function" and is "made with organic dandelion." It also has little cosmic messages of good will on each tag, which sometimes I love and sometimes I think are perfectly silly. This day's little flag happened to be a really good one, bearing three things I do try to be.

Thinking of:
Escaping. Some of the most difficult but most personally rewarding times in my life have been where I was alone in a place that was foreign to me. The woods of Oregon can be just as foreign and lonesome as the woods of Sweden, both of which I've had the pleasure of inhabiting for some considerable stints. Time. I was given time, uninterrupted, to just sit and be with myself (or chop down trees and be with myself). This wasn't always as rosy as it sounds, mind you. It did allow me to zero in on and contemplate the reality of several things about the almighty self that I wasn't too crazy about, and to consider some changes. I also learned about the more resilient, go-getter aspects of myself whose colors had faded in the greyer mouse-maze of the mundane. It's been a long, long time since I had one of these intervals of aloneness. I am sensing the need. Wheels are hereby turning.

Listening to:

The Perishers. A broody, funky little quartet from Sweden. From Umeå, in fact, where I lived for a time in the past life. A gypsy-soul friend of mine gifted me their Let There Be Morning record one time when he floated through Nashville several years back and graciously alighted in my house for a few weeks and several good meals. We dealt in different currencies (still do), those of music and good words and culinary offerings rather than the usual green and silver kind.

Dreaming of:
Bread. I have been eating a seriously pared-down group of foods for the past few weeks. Sugar, starch, dairy and more spirited beverages are out...basically, all of the good stuff. What I wouldn't give right now for the above slab of bread. This was taken at Marché where they bring out a sweet little array of spreads with the basket of artisan breads. Clockwise from top: house-ground almond butter, sweet, fresh butter, orange blossom honey, Nutella, peanut butter, cherry jam. Heaven help me as I drink my fortieth cup of tea.

Praying for:

Sunshine. Lots of it.

Marveling/laughing at:
The following email I just received which just cracks me right up:
"Get 16,000 Blueberries from a Single Plant!!"
I mean, what?! Who has the job of sending inane advertisement messages to people who could not possibly care less? There's something wrong with the world today.

Shaking my head at the beauty and sensitivity of:
One of Ruth Reichl's posts on her website. (she's the former editor of Gourmet and one of my most favored authors, for those of you who don't know...sigh.)