27 February 2010


Evan Lysacek. Good gracious. Olive complexion, slicked, jet hair, a dapper appearance. Well-tailored, velvet suit which one struggles to determine as black or indigo blue, accenting his dashing silhouette. A weighty yet light-as-air gait on the ice. Choosing Gershwin's classic "Rhapsody In Blue" (although I don't appreciate the chopping-up of the song, I understand the need to do so for the good of the routine). He just performed and I think he did absolutely nothing wrong, in my humble esteem. Every jump, power and grace. Every turn, gliding and smooth. Each frame showing that well-proportioned, chiseled face, nothing but pleasant and handsome. This, this, is what we mean by "bring back the real men with the real skills!", right sister? My oh my.