05 March 2010



Sunshine, finally.

Raul Malo's record Today on the drive to school. Regardless of the fact that the drive only lasts for about two and a half songs, enjoyment was had.

Breakfast consisted of two eggs, slow roasted tomatoes which I made last night, a little sharp cheddar melted on top and an unusually rich cup of coffee. Belly: happy.

Casual day at school -- I'm wrapped in the nicest, slightly oversized sweatshirt and wearing my grey Chucks. You know how sometimes, though, your toes get too squished and it makes you feel claustrophobic? No? Well I do, and I had to loosen my laces. Better now.

Did I mention it's Friday?

I have a spark of "let's-be-super-productive-ity" and I think it'll result in finished grades and comments (a couple weeks before the actual due date) and a whole lot of completed art archiving.

A quick walk to Starbucks is in my near future, because it's a day for small celebrations.

Did I mention I'm going to the beach in a week? There's that too.

Oh, and it's Friday.