28 March 2010

TODAY I.....

Slept unusually late. I don't remember the last time that happened.
Made eggs with tomatillo salsa and a strong pot of coffee.
Watched Nigella Lawson make lamb tagine, ice cream cake and butterscotch sauce whilst using words like "squidgy" and "opalescent" and "inky" in reference to various foods. I can only aspire to that sort of lyrical panache in the kitchen.
Visited cousin and friends and Dug the dog just down the street and watched a bit of deck demolition.
Ran further and harder than I have in a long, long.....long while. Might be contributing to this evening's calf- and headaches. Sure did feel good to sweat though.
Made fresh raspberry ice milk. Ate some.
Steamed, marinated and refrigerated loads of broccoli and cauliflower.
Made a piece of art.
Enjoyed the warm weather (which I believe goes without saying but I want to be sure to show my appreciation).
Neglected, once more, many household chores I've been putting off all winter. One more weekend should do the trick.
Went to a charming spot called Eastland Cafe to celebrate with some dear friends the occasion of a new job. It's a joy and an answer to many prayers. He starts on Wednesday at an awesome establishment, Emma. They have free mid-week lunches, a kegerator, Ikea furniture and awesome people there -- I have a feeling he's going to like it better than his old job where rabid raccoons were brought to work on the shoulders of custodians and no one knew how awesome he was.
Drank Vesper martinis and ate perfectly crispy little orbs of goat cheese on my perfectly dressed salad.
Enjoyed a pinkish sky on the drive home.
Ate more raspberry ice milk.
Early to bed. Thunder has been rumbling.