21 May 2010


I made a quick appearance at the big May flea market today. I paid visits to my usuals, the sweet lady near the cattle shed who always has a bag of Lay's potato chips and a green sun visor, and Andy who used to have a handlebar moustache but who I now see has a lovely mouth-full of teeth since he recently began shaving. It was a warm, breezy, quiet afternoon on the fairground hill, with blue-grey clouds threatening on all sides. Fridays are the calm before the shopping storm, and the vendors were just warming up their bargaining tones. Below are a few things I scored....

my new bar tray:$1. I dug through the whole pile and found the one that looked the most orange-y.

gold leaf cocktail glasses: $1 each. Their new job is going to be to hold candles instead of liquid.

really excited about this new nail belt: $1. Especially since they spelled it "compnay." Awesome.

this came from last month's market but who's counting? I'm in the process of converting it from a plug-in mechanism to a battery-powered one, Jason has lent a hand. Project hereby underway.

utilitarian metal chairs (big purchase!) from a foundry in Cincinnati: $20 each. Already have the seats taped off so that I can paint them bright orange tomorrow. Photos to follow.