04 May 2010


Listening to:

The "Glee" soundtrack playing in the next room. Strangely addictive. Peppy and ridiculous, but still, (shaking head in disbelief) so catchy. I want to get out of my wheelchair and strut every time I hear "Dancing With Myself."


Water, the bottled kind, from the nice folks at the Belle Meade Harris Teeter who were giving away gallons of it in the parking lot today. Nice one, Hairy Teat, nice one.

Praying for:

Our fair city. May she soon rise from the floody, miresome muck, more lovely than before. You know what's really lovely? The way folks are helping one another. Couldn't be more proud of the show of truly good-hearted Nashvillians.

Feeling: Slodgy. I made that up. I can't really describe exactly what it means, but I think you get me.