13 June 2010


Dear readers, a few photos to catch me up, but words will just have to be added later (sorry mom!!). I find myself loitering in an ugly parking lot and stealing wireless from a random hotel. I must get on the road! The coast begs and I'm itching to head north. Big Sur awaits, and surely they have such a thing as wireless there. I promise I'll make it up to you. Here I come, Highway One.

A grand relic, Union Station, Los Angeles.

I popped in on some dear friends from way-back, Rich and Joan Page in Malibu. They own Casa Malibu. Beautiful spot, beautiful people.

Heavenly bedding. Especially after a night's "sleep" (resulting in a bruise at the base of my neck) in the Lounge Car.

Inn at East Beach, Santa Barbara.

bouchon, Santa Barbara. Lovely experience, albeit solo. Took copious notes on food and wine, all local. Delectable.