19 June 2010


Good morning, Ferry Building. I'd like to spend my last San Francisco hours in your welcoming company.

Standing in line for 23 minutes was perfectly worth this sublimely crafted latte. It's not my usual order but some particularly inspired wind was blowing through the light-flooded terminal while I stood my post at Blue Bottle Coffee Company (where they make drip coffee one cup at a time.) The frothy valentine I received was a warm, pleasant partner in my wanderings through the bustling market that was ramping up just outside.

Beautiful, fresh heirloom radishes: Cherry Bell, Purple Plum, and White Globe.

Filled with culinary wanderlust, recipes swimming in my head.


Waiting for the BART to carry me to the airport. After a four block walk with fifty pounds of luggage.

Winging my way east (ugh) .

Somewhere above the plains. That evening pink is my favorite.
Can it really be over?