01 June 2010


Listening to:

The way this fellow tells a story with minimally complicated yet sweetly catchy melodies, the way he paints with words like "sandstorm of flashbulbs,", the way he weaves ships' bells seamlessly into these yarns he spins, the way he makes a mummy and a girl falling in love seem utterly ordinary.....it all contributes to the fact that I cannot stop listening to his newest release, So Runs the World Away.

Snacking on:

Radishes and kosher salt. Crunchy, spicy, salty, cold.

Covered in:

White enamel. If there were a movie made about my morning it would be called "How White Was My Wall." All possible surfaces of the cement block retaining wall that makes up one side of my porch have been coated with two rounds of bright white. It's been three years since it required any attention so it was high time (especially considering the pressure-washing extravaganza that took place here a couple nights ago). I do declare, I took a little too much sick pleasure in rolling right over the ants who were trying like gangbusters to swerve out of my roller's path. Take that, suckas!!! RIBWSP. (Rest In Bright White Suffocating Peace.) And then I just couldn't stop, so I painted the window frames, the front step, the cement and wrought iron "pillars," and whatever else just looked like it needed freshening. Ah, paint. It covers a multitude of sin.

Not loving:
The humidity. Already? Really? So mean, Mother Nature, so mean.

Grateful for:
Air conditioning. And a brain that tells me to just cut this morning's jog short. What's that I hear, weatherman? Record highs today? Too. Damn. Hot.