02 September 2010


I didn't know that my sensory world would so be rocked by the fact that the rack usually holding my scent of deodorant was empty yesterday at Target. My first inclination was "Well, I'll just go to the Nashville West location and track down that elusive tube of Dove Fresh with the clear blue lid and the sticker that promises it won't rub off on my black shirts." Er, why? Am I really such a creature of habit that I can't bear to switch deodorants and must spend at least $3 worth in gas to procure it!? P'shaw. No. I'm not that girl. In fact, I refuse to be that girl. Take that, White Bridge Target.

After a few whiffs of the other (WAY-too-numerous) options, I steered clear of anything berry- or otherwise fruit or musky-scented, and after being slightly tempted to scoot on down the aisle and sample some of the men's scents (they get all the good stuff) I finally landed on one with a strangely holographic, glittery label. It was on sale, too. It's Secret's "Green Euphoria" (HAaaaa!) and boy, I've felt like a new woman today. SItting at my desk, reaching down into my drawer for my sixth tea bag of the morning, my perceptive nose did catch a whiff of something herbal, fresh, cool and, well, green- smelling. What is that lovely aroma? Oh! It's me. I chose wisely.

I like this change -- it's a good one. Now if I can just apply this principle of will and resolve to my eating, exercise and Bible-reading habits, I'll be just as set as can be.