08 September 2010


This is how my morning began. A cup of coffee and a solemn, gorgeous reminder scrawled by the very hand of God straight on the scratchy surface of my heart (and then some tears, too). It actually came, in its earthly form, through my dear brother Andrew Peterson on The Rabbit Room. It's the last piece of writing he's laboriously, lovingly brought to be in a series about money. To be quite honest, I haven't read all the way through the first few installments -- it's not matter that my brain can easily digest. I give up too easily. But this....wow.

Andrew has crafted a quietly forceful remark on the significant things in our little lives. Down here where we await the one who loves us most, where we crank the rusty gears of hopeful creation this side of Heaven, where the shadows seem darker and muddier every day, there are bright spots of holy light that dance on the trunks of trees and glimmer on the water's surface and in the faces of those we love. These little bouncing shards of brilliance remind us to look upward, to lift our faces to the Source, to the One who is made of light.