28 September 2010


One of my top three favorite pairs of earrings. If my house were burning and I had the presence of mind and the correct protective footwear, these rhinestone baubles are among the things I'd rescue. They're vintage but I bought them at Pangaea. That's one of the things I love about that place -- not your run-o-the-mill stuff, day in and day out. That and the puppy dog that works there.

Fall means lunchtime sweet potatoes. It's just the thing in the middle of the day. Steamy hot, sweet, florally fragrant but turned on its savory ear with a speckling of salt and pepper. Mmm. Cuddled up on my plate next to Brussels sprouts that actually weren't annihilated by their cooking this time, quite satisfying and good-for-me. I always get the "Well isn't that the most colorful plate?!" comments. Hey, I'm the art teacher. It's what I do.

Humming along to:

"Jura" by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Croony and just perfect.

The Fiddler's Green book cover. Really happy with the cover, but not happy to be almost finished reading the ARC (Advanced Review Copy, for you laymen who, like me, didn't know what that stood for). That's not my illustration above, by the way. Read on here, if'n you're curious.