08 October 2010


This picture says it all. The woman takes charge, but ever so gracefully. She's diminutive but don't be fooled, she packs a powerful wallop.

I'm grateful for this day, the eighth of October. Little Rebekah Ann Capps graced the planet on this particular date, and what a drab old world it would be without my Reba! She makes me belly laugh and she makes me think. She loves well and serves faithfully. She's a cheerleader and a tireless encourager. She's got the cutest dimples and the prettiest eyes. She's the best travelling companion and hears the whole wide world calling to her. Adventure is her middle name (even though I already told you it was Ann).

An exceedingly Happy Birthday, dearest. Thirty is going to rock you to the core...in the best way. We're in 'til we're out, in 'til we're out, in 'til we're out. ;) I'm glad I get to go through life with you.

"There's a good time coming."
- Sir Walter Scott

All my love.