05 October 2010


Grateful for:
(Thanksgiving 2008. Citrus offerings are her specialty, being the Florida girl that she is.)

Our dear Grandma Dorothy's hip health. She sailed through her replacement surgery yesterday, no hitches we know of. The whole family were together the other night at Angela and Joshua's and had a nice conference call with her. We couldn't stop laughing, she's really so funny. One of her friends reportedly remarked "with all the prayers that are going up for you, you may not need anesthesia." She is a woman of deep wisdom, vicious faith and knee-slapping, sideways humor (it's totally apparent where dad got it). We are grateful that she'll have much more get-up-and-go now that the deed has been done. Believe me she'll be up and speed-walking quicker than you can slap a fruit fly on a green bean. I don't know what that means. She has taken pristine care of her body, so I suppose her recovery will be swift. Thanks be to God.

Sparkly slippers.

Looking forward to:
This evening's celebration of my friend Jonathan Rogers and the release of his newest fine piece of writing, The Charlatan's Boy. Rabbits and non-rabbits alike will gather and the fine purveyor of delicious tacos at Baja Burrito has graciously offered to sponsor our merriment this evening. Chips will verily fly like confetti, a variety of salsas and beers will flow like burgeoning rivers to the sea, and we may even use guacamole for face painting. Click on this here link for a secret in-road to the Feechie Film Festival.

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