12 October 2010


Listening to:
You can just tell it's going to be a totally bad-ass record when you see this cover. I don't know quite how she brings this sort of spirit up out of nothing, but Neko whirls together a crafty, cohesive brew of summer night, rusty wire fence, blood and bramble, porch light moth flutter, telephone wire, eerie rural glow, chrome, tall wild grass, danger, tricky tenderness, heat lightning and train track spark. Her resonant, fickle voice and her driving, reckless ballads make you want to hop in that fine 1967 Mercury Cougar and drive down a dusty road toward a creepy grey farmhouse under a steely sky. Whew. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

A little bit proud of:
This. It's the newest music video from my friend Jason Gray by my friend Grant Howard and today is featured on the front page of www.hearitfirst.com. It also happens to feature yours truly, doing her artist-y thing. I'll say it again: A music video. With me in it. Wha...?......

One of my favorite belt buckles. Came from a little antique shop in Kalispell, Montana. The year, 2007. The source, a dude who had a whole shoebox full of the things. I got four for $20. A total steal!

Watermelon gum. It never fails to satisfy.

My succulents which I keep in the classroom. The darned kids are always touching them and breaking the lovely, jade-colored leaves off. Little stink pots.