26 October 2010


storms. They're blowing across our region and I think we're in for it -- have to remember to roll up the freshly painted third grade play scenery ("Pumpkin Soup") in the room down the hall so we have somewhere to bury our heads when the sirens go off. Is it weird that I love this particular kind of anticipation? The bluster outside, the grey threat in the sky, I revel in the drama of it.

Can't stop:
yawning. Must be the fancy dinner mom and I prepared last night for some of dad's choir patrons. Oh, and the champagne and leftover extravagant cheeses we got into after the party....job perks, what can I say.

the apron of many colors. The protective gear for an art teacher. This apron is the one mom always wore when Angela and I were little girls. It has pretty peach flowers on it -- or at least it used to, before six and a half years' worth of paint, Mod Podge, Elmer's and charcoal dust buried them. The strings have snapped in the place where they tie together, and so they keep getting shorter and shorter. Shoelaces may have to enter the picture soon, because I love this apron and will wear it until it's threadbare.

Looking at:
too many cups. This strikes me as hilarious. From left to right they are:
- Yesterday's coffee cup from home.
- My instant oatmeal cup from this morning.
- (hand lotion I stole from the teacher's lounge because it smells like Christmas trees, has sat there for over a year and no one ever uses it).
- (hand lotion I bought at Target which I don't like as much as the Christmas tree one and which I let the kids use).
- Last week's coffee cup.
- The appointed tea cup. Only tea goes in this large green monstrous thing. My little friend Meg and her boy Jeremy gave me this for Christmas last year. I love it dearly. The tea bag reads: "You are infinite." I think statements like that are silly.
- Today's Starbucks Grande. I needed this, badly. (see aforementioned champagne+late night.)

Listening to:
General Elektriks. This song is rad but the video is radder.