09 November 2010


Excited about (where do I begin?):
The fact that the lofty, humorous, music-video vision of the above fellow started a project in motion that's been lying dormant (or shall we say not even begun?) for far too long. Stay tuned for more details surrounding the Airstream's journey. Exciting.

The hilarious, charming little clay turkeys by the second graders which I just beheld in their completed glory yesterday morning; they delight me. Opening the kiln: always exciting.

A meeting with many, many eighth graders I just attended where this year's Out West summer trip details were laid out and a slideshow of pure awesomeness was shown. It's time to assume the chaperone role again after several years off. Going to Zion National Park, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Lake Isabella, Big Basin, surfing in Malibu....I just about came out of my very cushy chair, I'm so excited. And Reba's going too...and I get to plan menus...and I get paid....how can it get better?! Exciting to the Nth degree.

Mushy Brussels sprouts from the hot bar in the lunch room. Why do I always give them a second chance? The fact remains that children should fear this particular vegetable if this is the only way it's ever prepared for them. Ick. Roasting is foolproof, kid-tested and -loved. Add bacon and chopped pecans, even better.

Listening to:
Right this very moment? An instrumental called "Neptune's Net" by M. Ward. It's got an awesome, beachy, pipeline sound with whistle-y echoes in the background. Makes me think of sunshine, bamboo mats, paper umbrellas and Coppertone. Or like, Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. (tell me the name of the movie that's from and I'll give you a Brussels sprout.)