21 November 2010


A one-woman assembly line happening in the Hatch (the 50 ornament special order? Done.)
A new-seeming and gleaming stovetop, thanks to today's simple purchase of new range drip pans.
Three pretty purple sweet potatoes lined up in a 425 oven.
A small, smoke-grey glass filled half-way with red and a snack of warm toasted almonds. Twelve of them.
Kittens loitering cutely on my front step. (They're not mine but have been calling them Winky, Blinker and Knobble.)
Hair unwashed for what I think is going on five full days. I love not caring (but it's getting scoured tonight).
The knowledge of a two-day teaching load this week, followed by delicious food with delicious people, sitting by a delicious fireplace with a delicious cat.
Full, megawatt-bright moon above my head as I shoosh through the leaves in the yard.

A good Sunday.