15 November 2010



So mom really came through for me last night, expertly photo-documenting Silvergirl's holiday debut (holidebut?). I started to post on Flickr but didn't want to give away too much before Sean has a chance to edit and present the footage in its full glory, so I figured the blog was a safer, more off-the-beaten-internet-path place to post a few shots. There are family members to keep informed, you know.

The night was chilly, but the shoot was buckets of fun. Red gloss was worn, 'nog was sipped, a dog was dropped, nuts were cracked (so were some really good and really bad jokes), cookies were passed (but not eaten -- one of them fell on the floor but we didn't know which one so they all went in the trash), plenty of clowny behavior ensued and Santa's acting prowess had us in stitches.

At the end of the evening, the band members and a couple of their lovely attachments (ladyfriends) sat 'round the kitchen table, ate warm toasted almonds and sipped cider with a little special 'spirit' sploshed in...for its warming qualities, naturally. A fun way to spend a day. Stay tuned for the video's (and the Christmas EP's) release. Until then, enjoy this little Nobility ditty-slice from the studio...

festively coiffed and decked.

director calling/checking the shots.

the cookie pass.

a squashbox serenade....