20 December 2010


These have been a real star player lately at little house gatherings, couch sessions with dear friends, cast parties, as gifts for new mamas, for breakfast with strong coffee, etc. Folks have been asking for the recipe, and I hate the idea of secret recipes, so here you go.

A spicy, crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet, very merry Christmas to you.

WHISK OR SIFT (in smallish mixing bowl)

2 c flour, 2 t soda, 1 t cloves, 1 t ginger, 1 t cinnamon, 1 t kosher salt

BEAT (in larger mixing bowl) 3/4 c butter, 1 c sugar, then add 1 egg, 1/4 c molasses (or

swedish dark syrup, that's what I used)

ADD dry to wet (magic starts)

CHILL until firm (or for as long as you can stand it)

ROLL into small roundish blobs

DIP tops in coarse, raw sugar, space out on parchment covered cookie sheets

BAKE 8-10 minutes (let cool for a bit on trays)

DEVOUR at your leisure with strong, hot black coffee. Or cinnamony applesauce. Or red wine. Or all bundled up, out in the snow. Or naked in your bed. Or upside down or right side up. Any ol' way, these salty-spicy-chewy-crispy sweets will become the newest habit you need to break.