13 January 2011


Am I the only one who saves letters, all sorted into their respective virtual folders? Saving emails is less romantic (by leaps and bounds) than saving the actual paper and pen (and perfume and lipstick) kind, but they sure do take up a lot less space. From time to time my cursor wanders over to the left of my inbox and hovers over one of these folders. I've been known to spend a moment (or an hour) re-reading things I wrote to whoever the recipient may have been and think "Wow, that's fun/arbitrary/revelatory to read." So these occasional "Letters" posts might be mostly for my own benefit and enjoyment, and I'm okay with that. (I'm also okay with leaving them in thaeir original, mostly caps-free state. I deem capitalization a royal waste of time for my letter-writing purposes.)

summers... i really like to travel, even if it's just to wyoming or new mexico. i love the west. i love the act of getting there. the corn and the wheat and the dry air en route -- there's nothing like it. quite a few summers back, mom and i started an annual west trip of our own. it didn't matter the destination, even if it was just cabin #1 at the albuquerque central KOA. we're not hard to please. we rented a little pick-up, threw our air mattresses, propane grill, coffee pot and cooler in the back and took off. we had such fun. we're pretty much two peas in a pod. so that's that, "summers." if i had a disposable income, things would look a bit different. i'd be getting away to much further-off locales (italy and greece spring to mind), but for now, reading about them will have to do.

tonight i went to the grocery, bought beer and red tulips, made dinner and watched "wait until dark." have you seen it?? audrey hepburn and alan arkin? oh i LOVE it. i saw it once in college with a bunch of art club people in the art history room at about 11 at night. i've never been so freaked out. i'll never forget that one very pivotal, creepy point in the movie where the shoulders and gasps of everyone in the theatre raised in surprise all at once. great suspense. you should see it if you haven't. of course, it's got its henry mancini scary off-key toy piano soundtrack and some totally cheese moments, but overall, c'est magnifique.

i had to force myself outdoors this afternoon when i got home from school. i went on a walk in the neighborhood and then sat out on the porch with my new gourmet magazine. you see, my computer lives indoors and all of the writing that was shoved aside this morning was pulling at my sleeve. well, what you're reading right now is all i was able to muster this evening. i feel that i need to strike a balance between screen time and sky time, you know? do you ever feel chained to this machine?

i wish i had a clever quip with which to end this email...