11 January 2011



Electric yellow nails. All the girls at school think I'm really cool. And then dear little Meg told me "That's what you are like for others, Evie. Bright yellow in the dead of winter." I thought that was nice and very nearly cried.

The extra hour of sleep I got as result of our two-hour-late opening of school today. Thank you, dear snow. You are both pretty and useful.

Tart, sweet, juicy Minneolas in the lunch room. Gluttonous me, I ate two of them today, juice running to my elbows. I think the kids were impressed with my peeling savvy. I can undress a little orange globe in record time. While I was making the young folks aware that winter is the best season for citrus (which I've never quite understood since they taste like sunshine), one boy swore he didn't know the word "citrus." What's citrus? I'm worried for this particular boy.

Happily anticipating:
Seeing Taylor and his dog Cooper, on their way north back to NYC, stopping in for a bowl of shrimp and grits, a bottle of red, stories. I like it when friends drop in for sustenance and warmth, it's what life's about.

Auburn's win. I went to school there (if only for two years) and one of the only things I really loved was the football, but Toomer's Corner's famous hand-stirred limeade wasn't too shabby either. The view from my sophomore year window in Owen Hall was the eagle's aerie, so that was a plus.

Not liking (but needing):
Deadlines. Enough said.