03 February 2011


7:10am: Cousin Jason calls, hems and haws comedically about the fact that Sarah has gone into labor and has then proceeded to take Doug the Dog for a walk. Evie freaks out, screams a little. She does have the presence of mind to hear Jason say, however, "The way it's looking, it may be a while..." And so Evie proceeds to school.

10:18am: Judy, mother of the mother, calls and reports that Sarah is dilated to 9 cenitmeters and may start pushing any moment. Evie freaks out again, screams a lot this time (quite terrifies a few teachers in the lounge) and all but tosses papers and folders everywhere at her desk, trying to get her s*#% in order so as to get on the road in the direction of Vanderbilt.

10:24am: Evie calls mom at school and says, "Wait, where am I going?" Evie has momentarily, in the extreme flurry of emotional and physical activity, forgotten where the hospital entrance is. Heart in the throat, heart in the throat.

10:43am: Evie arrives in the labor and delivery waiting room (after already shedding an anticipatory tear or two in the elevator), sees Judy with her cute, bright red hair. Sister Jaymi arrives, so does papa Ed, brother Zach close behind but not yet there.

10:58 (or was it :56?) am: We see Jason's unmistakably fine, tall form (completely covered in a white hazmat-sort of suit) appear down the hall, followed by a nurse with a little baby in a little cart. We scurry down the hall and meet Olivia Grace mere moments after her entrance into this world. Wow. Eyes wide open and pearly blue. Tears pour freely down Evie's face; she's never felt this kind of thrill. Such beauty.

Mama and daddy, they done good.

Do you see the sheer perfection of those lips? Her pensive brow? Her masterfully sculpted nose? That dewy, fresh, brand-new rosy skin? The smooth expanse of her fine cheek? A shame her ears are covered, because they're perfectly perfect, too.

Aunt Marty claims little Livi as granddaughter too....until she gets her own. (By the way, that's not a cigarette in mom's mouth -- it's an oblique view of her collar.)

Livi and Evie. We love each other too, too much.

Sweet mama Sarah, finally feeling a little more human and finally "not seeing two of everyone."

I have a feeling I'll be down at 4202 Idaho several times a week, just getting my hands on the sweet babe. I don't remember ever being quite this smitten before. It's all brand new. Never been so in love.