29 March 2011


Just found:

In my bottom desk drawer, a note I made to myself about a dream I had, trying to scrawl out the details so I'd remember. It must have been two or three years ago. I remember who it was about but can't remember specifics of the dream to save my own life, which is why the list reads so hilariously. I will copy it here, word-for-word:

- boring and "obvious piano", Futura font, xeroxed
- Indian Pacific studios, Star Wars/Abbott & Costello
- 3 CD box set, shrink wrap
- perforated tear-out polaroids of friends and family
- credit card debt
- album release "party" was a fish fry somewhere in New England (a la Mystic Pizza) -- there were shingle houses and a marina nearby
- salt water taffy in the mix somewhere
.....I mean, what?!

Listening to:
Trent Dabbs' newest release. Can't pick a favorite but boy, it is toe-tapping, ambient, mellow, classic, all kinds of awesome.


Pennies. The pre-first graders are about to start their penny drive for Habitat for Humanity. They will collect, count, roll, tote across the street to the bank, thousands of pennies over the next month. My wallet is pleasantly thinner and lighter. There will be a parade soon, too. Penny hats are involved, cuteness will veritably ooze.

Laughing at:
My second graders' clay fish. Oh, the things they come up with!

open wiiiide!

snorkel, anyone?

squid astride/attacking shark. ?