10 March 2011


I just heaved a particularly audible sigh of relief. It could have been noted by the science teacher down the hall, I'll bet. Grades and comments are finished. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. (Note the post-it list with check marks next to all but one item.....dragons are next.)

Laundry was taken care of last night. "Don't forget" lists are being made (phone charger, cumin seed, cigars, beach chair, watercolors). Cash has been withdrawn. Piles of nearly weightless, cotton-y clothing items are building gradually on the surfaces in my bedroom. I've landed upon the perfect sheer, satiny red SPF lip smear called "Tropical Kiss." My bottle of bourbon is waiting seductively on the kitchen counter. The iPod is loaded with all brands of vacationish tunes. Sunscreen soldiers are lined up on my dressing table, 15, 10, 4.

I'm even wearing white jeans in total defiance of the cold and rain. HA! Take that, winter. I bite my thumb in your general direction. You cannot last, history tells me so. As does the Farmer's Almanac.

In other news, my brand new, chunky German colored pencils have arrived! LYRA is the brand name, pleasantly hefty weight and outlandishly saturated color is their game. Can't wait to put some of the beachier tones to some paper in just a few short days.....