11 April 2011


Anyone want a house? They're $12 + shipping.
When was the last time you could honestly say you bought a twelve dollar house?
They're all different, hand-crafted (duh), and attached is a wire hanger for dangle-ability. I even cut up one of my oldest and faithfullest friends -- a red and yellow potato chip can -- for the good of adorable roofing material. Don't let her death be in vain.

....Okay, you got me....they're Christmas ornaments! But they're just too charming to be kept in the Tupperware bins that won't be pulled out again until Thanksgiving weekend, so get yourself one (or nine).

How about this: I'll even personalize, within reason. A name or a short verse, sure. Thoreau's Walden or a sonnet, perhaps not. Or if so, I'll have to charge you. I can write pretty teeny.

So leave a comment if you're in the market, we'll get it all sorted.