04 June 2011


It's been a really glory-ous day. I woke early, pulled on my shoes and all but skipped out the door (Stumptown brew firmly in grasp) and into the deliciously perfect/perfectly delicious air. A jog along the water set me all at rights, as did the really adorable elephant on my second cup of coffee from the Fresh Pot.

So the rest of the day will have to be read from photos alone, because I've just made a reservation at a place called Simpatica and I have to get to the bus stop in about 20. I get the sense that this is not your regular restaurant -- they call it a dining hall. All sorts of nice things have been written about it, and I've read a whole lot of them. My conversation with the delightful girl who answered the phone went like this:

Hi there, I know it's quite last minute, but is there any way you have room for one at tonight's seating?

Sure...just a party of one?

Yes, just a party of little ol' me! (nervous laughter)

Well, let me tell you, I do have a place for one, and it's across from another party of one. Would that feel weird to you?

Well, wouldn't we be at a table with some other people? Not just at a table for two?

Oh yes! Other folks around you, just wanted to make sure that was alright.

Well...(cautious pause)...is it a girl or a boy?

(laughter) It's a boy.

(more laughter) Well then it could go either way, couldn't it?

(a lot of laughter. Now I feel like I want to be best friends with this girl -- I wonder if she wants to grab a cocktail tomorrow evening.) Okay, dinner's at seven, we'll see you soon!

So tonight I could be dining across from a 78-year-old car salseman just in from Pasadena, a 22-year-old, tattooed, hot-pants chef wannabe, or maybe a smarmy, pomade-slicked divorcee looking for a chance for conversation or practicing his pick-ups. Or maybe it's a handsome single fellow who just loves good food and wholesome girls from Tennessee. Whatever the case, bring it. I love the prospect of new folks, the surprise element is what I'm all about. "Let's just see" = one of my favorite things to say.

SO, here are those photos......

(farmer's market)