18 August 2011


I happily flicked the radio knob, wielding my sole power over news of campaign mischief, national debt, war. I can only stay so informed before I go raging mad. Instead, I spent that precious little silent time in my head, being thankful for asparagus with my eggs, the morning's sunshine, my pretty orange shoes, a truck that drives and legs that move...simple things.

I arrived at school early, clopped down the stairs and flipped on the lights that hang over my desk. They're white paper lanterns in varying sizes, ethereal and easy on the early morning eyes. I set down my second cup of coffee, yet quite full thanks to minimal spillage on the six-minute drive. This song was the first that popped up on my Jon Brion Pandora station, so very appropriately titled and timed for my heart's position toward and sense of confidence in romance lately. Not just romance, but the concept of partnership with a person -- the idea that someone might know me differently than anyone's ever known me, some day. Anyway, it's beautifully, knowingly written. (Brion's the guy who did the music for, among many other movies, Punch-Drunk Love. If you've seen that, it'll make perfect sense. If you've not seen it, get it on a screen in front of you, now.)

Check it out on iTunes -- the melody and instrumentation are almost as right-on as these words are. Some might think me a downtrodden, complaining sap, what with these yearny things I sometimes post, but I think maybe I'm just more of a full-hearted, incurable hoper.

You've gotta hope that there's someone for you

As strange as you are

Who can cope with the things that you do

Without trying too hard

Because you can bend the truth

Until it's suiting you

These things that you're wrapping all around you

You never know what they will amount to

And your life is just going on without you

It's the end of the things you know

Here we go

You've gotta know that there's more to this world

Than what you have seen

Because we all have a limited view

Of what we can be

As we move along with our blinders on

Each one of us feels a little stranded

And you can't explain or understand it

Each one of us on a different planet

And amidst all the to and fro

Someone can say hello

Here we go

The feeling that someone really gets you

It's something that no one should object to

It could happen today

So I suggest you skip your habit of laying low

It's the end of the things you know

Here we go

Because someone can say "Hello,

You old so and so, here we go"