18 October 2011


Listening to:
Astrud Gilberto's Beach Samba. More specifically, "Tu Meu Delirio." I've loved this particular track for years now and, Holy Smokes!!, the piano bridge by Walter Wanderley (pronounced Von-der-lay) is just about one of the most deeply groovilicious things my ears have ever had the pleasure of entertaining. Every time I hear it again, I love it again. (And...I can whistle the entire bridge. Makes mom laugh each time!) Please, dear reader, have a listen (it begins around 1:50 and you'll know when it ends because you'll have that special sense that you need to forsake the rest of the song just so you can hear it all over again):

A little bit of NYC on my feet. During a midday dodge into the Camper store in midtown on my last day in the city this summer, Angela, Joshua and I all tried on shoes. This was the pair I adored but couldn't manage to justify at the end of a trip where I'd enjoyed several delightful meals and several hand-crafted cocktails. Cha-ching. Upon their return, Angela and Joshua bestowed upon me......you guessed it. I almost cried. I love these shoes, so much of the love comes from the story. Isn't that the way with lots of things?


Some grey and a pronounced chill. I'm ready.