25 October 2011


Growing tired of:
The effects of Sudafed on my sleeping patterns, spritzing Afrin up my nostrils, and sniffling in spite of it all. 'Tis the season for snot. 

Stuck in my head this morning:
The "love" theme from one of my all-time favorite Jim Henson movies, Labyrinth. I can't fully express my love for this film. It goes deep, real deep. I mean, I already had a hefty Bowie crush as a nine-year-old, but this song and this scene drove it right home. Those gigantically puffy sleeves and silver vines and flowers in her hugely coiffed hair, that one-blue-eye-one-brown-eye stare of his when he mouths the words to her while they're dancing, the exaggerated upturned collar and the super-80s-spiky rock hairdo...man. That's the stuff of dreams. Years later, as a junior in high school, I still loved it and even suggested it as our prom theme. Can you believe I was shot down? Cruel, narrow-minded dream-killers...they're called high-schoolers.

Saddened by: 
The earthly realm's loss of a dear, dear man named Cortez Cooper. We called him "Corty." He was the founding pastor of the church where I grew up, a pastor in the most real sense of that word. He was a caretaker, a warm, humble and elegant man.  He has gone on to be with Jesus...I think those two will really like each other.

A skillet full of sauteed baby bok choy for dinner. Me crave greens.