06 October 2011


Friends! I am not lost. I am here. Autumn's in full swing, I couldn't be happier about that. Lots of celebrating of that fact has occurred in the last few weeks -- never miss an opportunity to be festive. Blankets, fireplaces, roasted figs, fuzzy socks, walks in the park, pies, the odd bright red leaf in my path, chili, books and pens, cuddles, family. And repeat.

Things are tumbling, swirling, sloshing, whizzing, exploding, banging around in my little head. I've got so many creative irons in the fire it's just silly. But that there fire isn't yet raging, it's just a mere teency ember here lately. (What a strange visual...all of those many irons, vying for a resting place on a miniscule lump of rusty-orange coal?...I must be off my descriptive game today.)

However you put it, when the planets align, the moon is full, the night is crisp, the time is right.....there's gonna be a big......
.....sometime in the near future.

I can just taste it. So stay tuned.