10 April 2012


Our Easter meal was one for the books. Nothing fussy, just perfectly balanced, fresh, seasonal, tasty plates of food. And lasting, in its food-centric entirety and including in-between chatter, about four hours.

caper-dill deviled eggs with smoked salmon

Joshua's mint juleps (made with Corsair's Wry Moon, an unbarreled rye)

creamy asparagus soup with spring onion and meyer lemon asparagus gremolata

grilled herbed lamb rib chops
cucumber-mint yogurt sauce
grilled baby red potatoes, parsley vinaigrette

chopped kale salad
oranges and golden beets, goat cheese, mint

rosewater pavlova, fresh cream, red berries 

The piercingly green treetops above, the breeze, the perpetual birdsong and Stephane Grappelli's violin didn't hurt either.