01 December 2006


Andy, the able mechanic on Charlotte with whom I left my truck yesterday, gave me the following account...

It was right after he had moved into the building where he does his auto repair business (4102) and there had been numerous break-ins. He had put up cameras, razor wire, everything -- but nothing deterred the brave, thieving souls on Charlotte Pike. One night, feeling particularly assured, Andy took a six pack, his 45 revolver, and his dog over to the shop at about 9pm. It wasn’t even 30 minutes before he looked out and saw a vagrant IN the cab of HIS truck. He walked out calmly, tapped on the window with his gun and said “GET OUT OF THE TRUCK!!” He called the police. While they waited, he made the man stand a few feet off and ordered the dog to stand next to him. A minute later he said (to the dog) “SIT!!!”

At his command, both vagrant and dog sat quickly on the ground.