08 February 2007


Here I'll post a few photos of a nursery I just finished outfitting for the new babe of some dear friends of mine. The room was already the perfect, sprightly green hue, the paint color named "lemongrass." The stylish parents had already chosen a fine looking, pumpkin-orange, velvety soft chair -- a bold move, and perfectly cozy for the many hours of rocking that will take place. I did a triptych painting on wooden panels of a treetop scene which hangs over the crib. The little red birds represent the soon-to-be family of three: mama and baby safely in the nest, and daddy a branch above, hovering and guarding. A personalized nest of real twigs, silver zinc magnet boards with handmade vintage button magnets, an old-fashioned glass baby bottle, a white porcelain baby bird, and a whimsical wire bird cage that hangs from the ceiling are finishing touches. I was overly proud of myself for the curtains I made from a vintage chenille bedspread, which are hung from poplar branches above the windows. The room is warm and bright, made more so by the joyous expectation of the life that will fill it. Welcome home, Baby Burden.