31 March 2007


Ever have your eyes pop open early on a Saturday morning, 7:30ish, and you just know that it will be a day of paramount accomplishment? I know, me either, but it happened to me this morning.

"I will go for a run (the run that hasn't been gone on for 3 months now). I will eat a healthy, leisurely breakfast. I will go out to mom and dad's to feed and love on the cat while they're away on a much-deserved weekend break. I will go to Target and buy dishwashing detergent, toothpaste, and the cheapest, best-smelling shampoo I can find (that whole choosing-not-to-buy-a-house thing kept me from making a decision last time I was there). I will buy some red or orange flowers for my living room mantel. I will make sure to sit outside for at least a couple of hours to revel in this heavenweather. I will NOT turn on the television. I will make a batch of hummus in my Cuisinart that sits lonely on the counter. I will situate myself in my art studio with my water and my music (essentials) and not come out until I have completed at least eight paintings.
For dinner I will make the spicy, gingery Vietnamese noodles with shrimp that I love so much, and I shall slurp as I eat. I will sigh and smile, and I will do it all with a happy, grateful heart."

I can check the run off the list. My body felt like it was weeping with gratitude as I worked my legs and breathed deeply. The breeze blew the scent of freshly cut grass all around me, I waved good-morning to neighbors, and Billy Bragg and Wilco sang a sprightly "Hesitating Beauty" that pushed me along. I watched two squirrels quarrel about six feet up on a telephone pole, then get so embroiled in their arguing that they both fell to the ground in a tussle -- a hilarious sight. While on the Greenway, a lovely path that winds back by the railroad, I crawled up to the train tracks (eerie, no matter what time of day) and gathered some scraps of metal for my artwork. I stopped by an old friend's house and caught up with her and her sweet little family. This is an added plus on my to-do list, because I haven't seen her in months. I think I get extra points for that one.

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Healthy, leisurely breakfast: check. First, many chugs of water, then two eggs over easy, ripe red tomatoes with crunchy kosher salt, and strong coffee with milk. Now these aren't just your garden variety grocery store eggs, no sir, they are straight from the Araucana hens that one of my co-teachers owns. They are so beautiful in their faded candy-colors in the little white bowl in the refrigerator, and when cooked up, with their bright yellow yolks, more ideal than any egg you'd have the pleasure of eating. I used my favorite white plate with the scalloped edge, bought at the flea market, my favorite silver fork, stolen from The Waldorf-Astoria tea room in New York (forgive me, Lord), and my favorite white and pewter coffee cup, a Christmas gift from my pop. Food is tastier outdoors, and even better if you have no shoes or socks on. It's a fact, further proven by my porch-sittin' meal this morning.

The birds are chirping madly -- screaming, really -- the pollen is swirling about (thank God I don't have allergies), a funny looking woman with long denim shorts and black socks just walked by with her hands on her hips, the lawn care trucks are rumbling past, and the shadows are growing shorter as the sun climbs higher. I have now reposed in the gorgeous green of this day for about an hour, so I can check off half of another goal. If I don't get moving, however, I might find myself running out of Saturday, so I'll be running along now.