29 March 2007


I was going to buy this house. Whether I had the financial means or not (turns out I didn't), it was going to be mine. I was just sure of it. Don't ever utter or think or visualize those words "sure of it" when God is around (wait a minute, He's always around, silly), because the thing you are so sure about, the thing about which you have schemed and planned and for which you had even made drawings of additional rooms...it will surprise you. It will be the voice through which He communicates, "Not now, little one. Not yet. Please trust me on this one."

In a few little sly ways, God has whispered this truth to me. Through a seller who wouldn't budge, through answered prayers of loved ones concerned for my financial well-being, through friends who said they couldn't really envision me tethered to this Nashville soil quite yet, through matters of evil-green-paper-money beyond my total control, through the feeling of peace that pervades my everyday life after the final decision to halt the buying process. This happened to take place during a phone call with my realtor while trying to select shampoo at Target -- as if the decision isn't hard enough...am I talking about choosing shampoo or purchasing a home? I don't even think I know what I'm talking about now...

The message is clear, and for this I am filled with gratitude. If God wants me in a sod hut out near Mount Juliet, then I guess that's where I should go. (I don't think that's the plan, praises be.) If he wants me to move in with mom and dad for a short period, however much of a blow to my ego and however much it feels like a step backward for this 30-year-old gal...so be it. I am smack in the center of his large, able palm. That is where I will dwell.

"Trust in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness."