03 February 2010


I'm feeling an itch. It feels like I might want to give a different blog interface a try. My graphic design degree could actually be of some use, here. I'm jonesing for a new format that's free, easily-navigated (or nagivated, as we like to say in my family), and able to be made beautiful, to my standards. If I really had my druthers, it'd be drag-and-drop, but I might be aiming a little high there. I've looked into typepad.com and I think I like what I see, but how to be sure? What if I go to the trouble of the whole packing-moving-unpacking endeavor and then I'm not satisfied? I suppose the risk is worth it. Any ideas out there as to other formats/host sites/whatever-they're-called that could work for me? I'm open to suggestions.

What in the Sam Hill....I think I've hit an all-time low. Am I really hearing myself say that moving my blog is my biggest hurdle and that it's going to seriously disrupt my everyday life? Oh gee. Oh stars, someone help me. Time to put on my big girl pants and make a move.

One of these days, I intend for the only screen I see on a steady, daily basis is that of the mesh sort on some tranquil porch or perhaps that of the screen door on my Airstream trailer. Ah, I long for that day. Striped awning extended, beer and big fat book at my side, perhaps a dog named Poppy, too. Mountain range, wheat field, ocean view -- I'll take any or all of them. I think we human beings were meant for the sky's glow rather than one from a silly little screen.

Sounds like my blog is of secondary importance and that a much grander move is in order one of these days.