02 February 2010


Listening to:

Proper music for this weird, snowy, slushy, foggy, drippy, misty day. It's slow, dissonant, quiet, moody. "I'll put a spell on you...."

Sneezes. All of my sneezes are originating in a certain northern region of my right nostril. The eaves of the building aren't the only things that are dripping, we'll just say it that way.


My trusty Fryes. They look pretty hardcore -- and they are -- but the traction leaves a bit to be desired in the melting snow. I did a funny dance on the way to the pick-up this morning.

The mini muffins in the teachers' lounge. What's my problem though? I don't even like muffins. Furthermore, they're banana nut, my least favorite. They taste like air freshener.

Looking SO forward to:

The They Might Be Giants' show on March 7. They're performing the entire Flood record from start to finish!! The heavens have smiled. My sister and I will be there, singing loudly along with myriad other dorks. Dreams really do come true.