21 February 2010


I had it all planned out. I even took notes. My blog post tonight was going to be a holy tirade but my mood has mellowed, my pillow is soft, and sleepytime's a-wastin.' So, some perfunctory updates/bits of inconsequential news/musings from under the covers.....

I dread the cold that will revisit Nashville this coming week.

I cleaned my porch within an inch of its life this afternoon.

I am in love with a new tea: Tazo Organic Apple Red. Sweet, fragrant and caramelly.

I don't like pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped shrimp cocktail that you get from the grocery store.

I just paid off a ridiculous amount of debt that's been hanging over my head since college years.

I would take longer eyelashes and narrower ankles from the beauty fairy if she offered.

I will never understand how the knee joints of Olympic skiers can stand that kind of abuse.

I have nineteen days left to count til we point our vehicle south, headed for the seashore.

I will now go to sleep.